It's Saturday morning and we just got up from the breakfast table. The boys have left with their dad to go do chores and before I start the dishes, I want to share this recipe with you. I love breakfast and I love sausage. But for some reason, after I eat pork sausage, I get puffy. My fingers look like little Jimmy Deans, and my joints make me feel like I'm a close relative to the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. You see, the Tin Man could have limbered up if he just would have changed his diet. He was full of inflammation. That's it! We could remake the Wizard of Oz with each character having a health problem, The Scarecrow has heart disease, the Tin Man has arthritis, the Lion is addicted to

Baby It's Cold Outside

We are in the midst of a cold spell; quite cold actually. Right now the temperature is a balmy -4 degrees and it will fall to -20 tonight. The thought alone gives me an instant brain freeze. What also is on our mind is the safety of our cattle. It is a genuine concern of all farmers and ranchers across this frigid plain. People who are outside of the agriculture industry also share the same concern about the well-being and safety of livestock. How they can survive such grueling temps? I thought it would be good to share with you how we try to manage our herd in the cold season. Yesterday we moved our cows to an area behind some trees that would help protect them against the wind. Who ca


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