“March Monday”

“In like a lion, out like a lamb”. This expression often refers to the month of March. But this particular month on the farm is better described as “in like a lion, out like a lion.” Today—it’s definitely roaring around here. The winds have been gusting up to 50 mph, making any outdoor work quite miserable. The arrival of Spring is upon us. And so it begins. Work. The work which begins to sprout a little more everyday like a small weed hidden underground. Day’s get warmer and longer, then suddenly you look up to find the little unknown weed is two feet tall and "heading out”; spreading more and more of its seeds through the air taunting a future battle with corn knives and shovels. That’s what spring can feel like around here: All things coming to a head. Before I know it, we will be calving, planting, rotationally grazing our cattle, gardening, attending track meets, spring programs…the thought of it all just makes me want to have a cup of coffee. Then take a nap. And then have another cup of coffee.

Today it’s Monday in March. On Mondays I clean the fridge, do the laundry, and (try) to change the sheets. I might be going against the grain—I love Mondays. Monday is like a clean slate: a second chance. Mondays mark a new week to get the things done I didn’t get done last week, or the week before that. I even considered reading a certain Christmas book I was have been wanting to read aloud to our youngest. This Christmas season flew by and like every other year I never got it done. I came across it the other day and seriously contemplated reading it to him... But then I snapped out of it. Reading a Christmas book in March just felt wrong. I mean it’s seventy degrees outside for crying out loud. I couldn't do it. Reading that book in March might ease my guilt, but it wouldn’t make me a better mom. Plus, I should really be thinking about Easter. But I’ll do that in July. I’m sort of a procrastinator. I’m slowly beginning to understand those who leave their Christmas tree up all year. I think they just want to make sure they’re ready. The other day my husband said, “Honey, you’re not a bad planner, you’re just spontaneous." I love him. So in-lieu of Monday’s, second chances, and cleaning refrigerators, here’s how I gave some leftovers in our fridge their second chance: their Monday.

Start with the meat. In my case I had leftover grass-fed chuck roast that had been spiced up with chipotle in adobe sauce. You could take out your leftover ground hamburger or cooked chicken instead if you wanted to. The point of this “not really a recipe”recipe, is to give whatever items found in random Tupperware containers a new twist. I also pulled out leftover potatoes, asparagus, carrots, and even a few remnants of a sweet potato. It’s kind of an anything goes as long as it goes together.

Throw all those things into a skillet.

Now add beef or chicken broth—just enough to make a thick gravy. (And if you may even have leftover roast gravy, put that in.) Heat it up. Then sprinkle some flour on top and mix to thicken. I did not add any more spices because everything had been spiced up from their previous endeavors.

Now take out your cast iron skillet, or pie plate or whatever suits your fancy. (I greased my cast iron for this by the way, but not my pie plate).

Arrange a pie crust on the bottom. In this case it was a pre-made pie crust because it was a $1.49 on sale and also; ain’t nobody got time for that! It’s a Monday! Things to do.

Pour in your meat mixture and cover with a second crust. Make sure to vent the top. Put into 400 degree oven for about 30-35 minutes.

And voila ...

A meat pie reminiscent of the meat pies I experienced in Australia, but that's for another day.

A second chance for leftovers to make a great first impression.

Love Rachel

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