Countdown to Thanksgiving: Five Ways in Two Days to help make your Thanksgiving a Celebration.

PSALMS 127:3

Children are an inheritance from the Lord. They are a reward from Him.

It's midnight once again and I am pondering if all the plans we have written down for the Thanksgiving weekend are ready to set into motion. In the early stages of this current Thanksgiving blogathon, I told you that Thanksgiving is more than a day; it's an event.

Tonight the event has begun.

Sons, daughters, cousins, aunts and uncles have started to descend upon the plains of Nebraska. The states are California, Texas, Minnesota, Idaho, Massachusetts, and Maine represented in this turkey tribe.


As. you can see it's ten o'clock and we are getting ready to go

watch a cliffhanger Hallmark Christmas movie.

So today the letter I stands for:


I love this moment; knowing all four of our children are tucked in their beds while visions of turkey legs dance in their heads. It's the best, It doesn't happen as often because they are growing up and spreading their turkey wings.

While watching them grow and become more independent, I spend a great amount of time worrying. I'm like Henny Penny. She was a chicken who convinced Turkey Lurkey the sky was falling and they got their feathers all ruffled up for no reason at all. That's what worry can do. It's a joy robber. So I cast my cares upon Him. My approach is more like fly fishing. I cast over and over again. Constantly. Then one day my sister gave me a good reminder.

If they know Christ they are already safe; maybe not my safe, but His safe. That reminder was good for me, 'For who can separate us from the Love of God?"

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my inheritance of a family and children who know Christ.

Tell your children you are thankful for them. Go one step further and tell them why and what you appreciate about them.

PSALM 127:4

As arrows are in the hand of a warrior are the sons born in one's youth.

V is for:


Visualizing the execution of the Thanksgiving meal helps the day run more smoothly. Here are some ideas to help you as you are heading toward the big day,

Visualize where your guests will go once they have entered your home.

What time would you like to eat?

How much time will it take to get the meal on the table?

How much time will it take to carve the turkey?

What others activities are planned for the day? We skeet shoot so we want to start at a reasonable hour before the sun goes down, so we need to plan accordingly.

Make sure you communicate the time you'd like to eat.

How much time does it take to eat pie?

How long do you want to eat? All day? YEASSSSSSS.

To help make sure I have all the dishes I need for the meal, I write down the food list. I bring out all the pieces of dish ware I plan to use and label each piece. This keeps me from running around looking for that gravy bowl that "I know I saw it somewhere."

I hope that helps a little because right now I can't visualize too much more as it is getting late.

Until tomorrow....


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