Poses on the Prairie

RAIN MAKES CORN.....(name that country artist)

Early Saturday morning began with pouring rain much like the year before when we hosted this event on our pasture. But just like last year, the clouds gave way to a beautiful Nebraska sunrise and people arrived for our second annual yoga and breakfast gathering.

FORAGE AND FIELDS, a farm to table venue created by me and my sister Cindy, hosted Countryside Yoga and breakfast last Saturday at her farm, also known as the historic Morrill Homestead.

Charles H. Morrill was the first homesteader of Polk County in Nebraska. C.H. Morrill was a farmer, businessman and an entrepreneur. He was rich. He was friends with Buffalo Bill Cody. He was rich. He had really good taste in architecture. He was pretty famous in these parts. And he was rich. But I don't know if he was big. Because then I'd have to refer to him as big and rich and I wouldn't want you to get confused with the country duet band Big and Rich who became famous and they too became rich. And that's big.

Twelve beautiful women came and enjoyed a yoga session and a relaxing breakfast at my sister's farm.

Great Group of Women

Mellin of "Be You Yoga is on the right with her beautiful mama and sister Anna.

While they were working out, my sister and I along with our helpers Madi and Addie were getting our own workout in by preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

Poached Salmon in Dill Sauce

Helper niece Miss Madi

Helper friend Miss Addie

Breakfast Menu

We love to do these venues because we love connecting people to the land through agriculture and food. We also love it when we can provide an element of surprise.

I love surprises.

After the workout, guests enjoyed a glass of switchel. Switchel is an old fashioned electrolyte drink containing water, honey, ginger and apple cider vinegar. Protein aronia bites and cold eucalyptus scented washcloths were all a part of the cool down session. The photo in the picture is of our grandpa Baker. He is giving a young girl a drink during haying season and maybe, just maybe it's switchel. But I doubt they ate protein bites.... or rinsed with white wash clothes soaked in eucalyptus oil.


Last year corn production in Nebraska was estimated at 1.79 billion bushels. We are rated third in the nation for corn production with Iowa ranking first and Illinois second. So what better ambiance for a morning breakfast than to be surrounded by corn? Our element of surprise this year was a walking path that gave way to a seating "room" amongst a field of corn for an after workout breakfast. It was AMAZING...get it? a...MAZE..ing.

But in all seriousness, what made it amazing were the women who came. Their contagious laughter, their joyful spirit and appreciation for our efforts made it a Field of Dreams. Now if Kevin Costner would have walked through through that field of corn.......

The man on the end is the Cooking Cardiologist and he joined us for breakfast. He didn't want to show all the ladies up by doing yoga. He has published two cookbooks and does a fantastic job creating healthy delicious meals. He is a great asset to our little community.


My beautiful 89 year old mom doesn't want to miss a thing. Oh, can I show you a picture of when she was younger? Just look at her and especially her arms! I know it's fuzzy but you get the gist.

She didn't have time for exercise but her arms would be the envy of any yoga instructor. Her arms bother her now and she has lost most of her mobility in them. But they are still beautiful. They were arms that held six babies to her chest as she sang and whispered sweet words to us about her Savior. She loved a man for almost 60 years with these arms. She cooked, cleaned, disciplined and loved her family with these arms. And one day she'll reach these arms out to her Savior and He will hold her in His arms. But until that day comes we will help her navigate through her paths of life by holding her arms. Be thankful for your arms dear friend no matter what shape or size. God gave you beautiful arms. Use them well.

Until next time,


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