Comfort Cooking with Grass-Fed Beef

It's winter on the farm but these cows have shelter from the wind and thick hides to keep them warm and dry.

Happy New Year! I can't believe we are over half way through January. I accidently blinked in December and Christmas was over. The kids were all home and during the early part of December we held an event called "An Evening on the Farm." Serving chili and cinnamon rolls in our barn was a small way to say thank you to our community and our customers for their business in 2019. Mark your calendar for next year as we plan to make it an annual event.

There were a lot of steak sales during the holiday season and this had me thinking: Are you a little apprehensive to cook your grass-fed steak? Are you a little afraid that your efforts may result in a charred product giving new meaning to the word "Black" Angus? Have no fear or trepidation. Here are step by step instructions on how to cook a great tasting steak in your kitchen. There is no need to go out in freezing temps to start the grill.

Here. Lemme show ya....



You can have a great tasting tender and juicy Twogood grass-fed steak from your kitchen by following these few simple tips. To defrost your grass-fed beef either place frozen meat into a bowl of cool to tepid water: never hot, and bring to room temperature. You may also defrost your meat in the refrigerator. Just make sure to bring to room temperature before cooking. This will increase your chance of creating a perfect steak. Secondly, never evvvvvvvva defrost your steak in the microwave. The words “grass fed” and “microwave” should not be in the same sentence. When defrosting meat in the microwave, there is a risk of changing the taste and texture of the fat and the meat itself. Microwaves are for Easy Mac; not grass-fed beef. Thirdly, grass-fed beef tends to cook more quickly so be careful not to overcook your steak.

Now you're ready to get sizzlen.


Bring your steaks to room temp. Once thawed, season your steak as desired. Montreal Steak seasoning is one of our family faves. Once seasoned, heat a cast iron skillet to medium high heat and add a couple TBS of extra virgin olive or coconut oil. Ryan uses half oil, half butter. Place steaks onto heated pan and allow them to sear for a minute or two. Do not crowd steaks. It will decrease the skillet heat and the desired crust will not be achieved. They will naturally “release” from the pan when they are seared. Now flip and sear the other side. Once your steaks are properly seared, place them on a pan in a pre-heated 425° oven. Ryan will usually place the cast iron pan he used to sear the steaks directly into the oven. But beware, the oil in the pan can cause a smoking kitchen. Use an instant thermometer to check temperature. For us our steaks are ready when they reach 130° degrees. Once out of the oven put on a dollop of butter. It’s so yummy! If you’re not quite ready to sit down to eat, wrap them in foil and let them rest.

What could be cozier than a hearty bowl of beef stew made with your own homemade bone broth?


Homemade bone broth made from Twogood grass-fed cows is not only super nutritious, but it helps protect the joints, reduces inflammation, contains gelatin for your bones, soothes the stomach, aids indigestion, helps immunity, and it is more economical and better tasting than other grass-fed store brands. Plus, you can rest assured knowing these bones came from our farm. Have you ever made your stew with homemade stock? The taste is absolutely delish: The perfect comfort food on a cold winter night. We have all you need to make a batch or two.

Whether it's a special occasion or a Tuesday night supper, we appreciate you choosing our grass-fed beef to be a part of your dining experience. We are thankful for you. We look forward to sharing more stories from the farm and providing you and your family with healthy beef for your table in 2020. Stop by and visit us anytime.

The Twogoods

Sam, Rachel, Whitney, Will, Jake, Ryan

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