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She doesn't associate herself with cows. It's beneath her.

Hello to all of our new subscribers! We are so glad to have you with us. If you are ever in our area, we'd love to have you stop by for coffee and we'll show you around our farm.  


Now from time to time we may use a word or two that may have you thinking,

"I have no idea what that means." Whether you're a new customer or you just want to learn more about life on our farm, here's some farm terminology. 

Beef Shares - This term is used when purchasing a whole, half, or quarter of an animal. Individual Cuts - We sell individually selected cuts of beef like roasts, steaks, ground beef, etc. directly to your door. We ship across the country, and we offer on-farm pickup. Beeves - Plural form of beef. "We are taking our cows to the locker for processing" is technically not correct. A cow is a mama with a calf at her side. But we're not technical. Head - This term is used by farmers when they count the number of cattle they own. "How many cows do you have?" "Oh, I'd say roughly around 100 head." We use the term "roughly" and "around" because we basically have no idea how many head we actually have. Trying to count numerous, constantly moving cows that look the same is really quite difficult.    Hanging Weight - Once our cattle have been butchered, the carcasses still containing the bones are hung in a cooler. We charge $4.50 / lb (hanging weight). Our beef's hanging weight averages around 550-650 lbs. Dry Age - Whether grain-fed or grass-fed, almost all beef is either dry-aged or wet-aged for at least a few days. Hanging the side of beef in a controlled, cool environment allows enzymes that are naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue resulting in improved texture and flavor. Our beef is dry-aged for fourteen days. I've been dry aging close to 53 years now. Pass the lotion.


We are currently sold out of most items, but we will be restocked on all beef cuts for individual sale by the end of July. This spring has been a crazy time in the beef industry because of the coronavirus, and we sold all our beef shares (whole, halves and quarters) by April. Fortunately, we scheduled all of our cattle for 2021 AND 2022. See what I mean? Crazy. Our local butcher is booked through 2022! Good grief, that's two years away. Do you know what you'll be doing in two years? No? Me neither; except driving a truck load of cattle to the locker.  That's all I've planned so far. And maybe lose some weight.  To reserve a side of beef for 2021 or 2022, please email or call us.


So while checking the cows this morning I’m like “Guys, guys! What are you doing?” They then preceded to tell me they thought it was called COWrona, that it was a “herd” virus, and to mooooove apart six feet. Aaaaannnd to be in CORNtine. I told them that some of that’s correct; except they didn’t need to be in CORNtine because they eat grass. And they’re like “Ohhhhh”.

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